Friday, January 11, 2013


So here it is my very own blog... I've been planning to set this up for years but I've always been unsure about publishing personal information via the World Wide Web. Facebook and Instagram helped me get over my so called "internet shyness" so I'm ready to give this a try :) Also this is the best time to start something new since we've just ushered in the new year which means its also my birthday!
My birthday has always been a sign that the holidays are officially over.. falling on the 7th of January it usually means all the festivities that we celebrate over the holidays are done and most of us are starting to go on diets and are still hung over all the parties we've attended the past month.. which explains why I always try to keep my birthday low key.
2013 is the year I turn 36! Hence the title of my blog MID30sMOM, I've sort of lost count when I turned 27 believing in the saying that age is just a number. This is also the year that I've seen multiple white hairs on my head which got me thinking about aging as well as wrinkle prevention... but that's a whole new blog entry which I will work on soon!
Going back to thinking about being the ripe young age of 36 I've realized I've accomplished quite a lot, all of which I'm proud of and all of which you'll read about in this blog which I hope will be one of those things I've started and eventually finish... you see I have two very active sons and a hyper- active husband who keeps me busy and uses up all my time! I am also a mompreneur and the proud owner of TINY TOTS!
All that I am and everything that I want to be I will try to document here so when the time comes that my sons want to get to know more of me all they have to do is log in! :)
Posting my birthday outfit below! I forgot to mention.. I love fashion! So you'll be seeing more of that here too!

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