Wednesday, July 17, 2013


You don't have to  go broke just to look beautiful!  I'd like to share with you my "BEAUTY TIPID TIPS" these are tips that worked for me and helped me maximize my cosmetics and make-up. As well as how I save up on treatments and cost of beauty services. Read on:

1. Don't throw away those cosmetic tubes that you think are already empty just because you've squeezed them to the last drop. The best thing to do is cut them in half! You'd be surprised at how much product is still left inside. Check out my pictures below. :) 

See how much product is still left inside the tube! Don't throw them out yet even if you think they're empty.. cut them in half first!

2. If you buy the same brand of cosmetic and frequent a certain stall try to be friends with one of the sales person so you know who to look for every time you visit. This same person will give you free invites on events as well as give you samples of their latest products. They will also give you free stuff every time you purchase something! My favorites are Henry of Kiehls Trinoma, Shia of Shu Uemura Rockwell and  Emma of Christian Dior! :) They are all so nice, easy to talk to and generous with freebies! :)

Shia is my favorite SA at Shu Uemura Rockwell branch, she is nice and easy to talk to! She is also honest about which suits me or not and very generous with freebies! :)
If you are lucky and if you are already chummy chummy with the sales person then you can get free makeovers anytime you want. 

3. If your schedule permits, try to get a haircut the same day you will attend an event or special occasion. This will hit two birds with one stone, you will get your needed haircut and then have your hair styled for free.

My favorite duo at Trinoma Piandre, hair stylist Cecile and Enso. Cecile is great because she follows her clients and does not go about doing whatever she wants.  Her haircut gets better as my hair grows! I usually get free styling after a haircut so I make sure to schedule one when I have an event after :)

4. GROUP BUY! Not on any group buying sites but have a self imposed group offer. I remember when my sisters and I would walk into a salon and tell them how much would this and this cost if we have it all done now for all three of us?? Of course they will give you a great price since there will already be three customers and for sure they won't let the sale slip away. This won't work on all salons but it's worth a try :)

5. Wait for promos, off-peak offers and the like. Salons and spas usually offer off-peak specials and packages where you can save a lot, so ask before you get anything done. I remember getting a package at ZEN SPA that cost around 6k for 12 sessions! Really worth it when you compute per session, I was able to get a full body massage, facials and diamond peels for a fraction of the original cost.

Always ask for special promos and deals!!  Beauty Establishments often offer packages where you can maximize their services and products!

6. Don't throw away lipsticks that are flattened, there is still so much of it left in there! Use a lip brush to make sure you get to use every bit of it!

Don't throw it out yet, use a lipbrush to use every bit of it! :)

7. To save on makeup costs, buy makeup that does double duty. Check out products that you can use for more than one purpose. For example, you can use some cheek tint blushes as lipstick too. There are powders you can use as foundation, blotting powder as well as setting powder. Go out and discover what works for you! :)

Some of my all time favorites! They are ALL in ONE, double-duty and effective beauty products I truly love!

8. Use Less!! When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products using more doesn't make the product work better. A small amount is enough  The more toothpaste you use each time you brush, the more you have to buy. You can get your teeth just as clean by using a quarter of what the manufacturers recommend.

9. Shop Duty-Free Stores- If you travel internationally, dropby duty-free stores to find deals on your favorite brands. Duty-free stores offer great deals on products you use every day, and they have special offers and packages. I often get my Clinique,  Estee Lauder and Shu Uemura supply at the Hong Kong International airport, I get them there at almost half the price they are sold here.

I got these Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil at half the price they are sold here in Manila!

10. Check before you SPLURGE! Sometimes we just can't help it, we really just want to try out a certain product even if we know its a bit expensive. When ever I want to buy something a bit pricey I make sure I read  up on it online or check out reviews and beauty blogger comments on the specific item I want to purchase. The best site to visit for great beauty product reviews is Makeup Alley ( they have more reviews per product than any other site I’ve seen. has the most extensive and reliable reviews on most beauty products out there! :) So check before you splurge!
That is what I did before I went ahead and  bought my YSL lippies which turned out great and I truly truly love!

I tried and tried before I got these babies and I love them!! :)

11. Go Natural! If all else fail use whatever you have in your kitchen or your fridge! Yes you read it right, sometimes what you need is already in your home! I've tried using honey and oatmeal for an all natural facial and it truly brightened my skin! I've used baking soda as toothpaste, egg white for a tightening facial, and egg yolks for hair conditioner and I loved the results! So go ahead and do your research and try, try, try! :) 

Sometimes what you need to be beautiful is already there in your kitchen!!! :)

 hope I was able to help :) Have a nice day! :) 


  1. I thought I was the only one that cut my tubes in half, hehe. sayang talaga the product left over! stumbled on your blog just this morning, my rest day from work. self employment gives me time to find bloggers like you. I, however, am a late40smom. looking forward to more reads from you. :)

  2. Thanks Therese for taking time out to read my posts! :) At least I am not alone in cutting my tubes in half hehe! :)

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