Friday, July 5, 2013

The Oldest Purse I own! :)

I absolutely love shoes and bags; I truly think it runs in the family! My mom has a lot of bags and shoes too. I’ve seen her come home with a pair of new shoes and a new purse almost every time we go out when I was a little girl. In the 80’s Rustan’s Cubao was our second home; we never got lost there, we knew the sales staff and they knew us! My mom would often say SHOPPING IS THE SECRET TO LONG LIFE! My grandmother; IMA as we fondly call her, is exactly the same! She has a small room where all her bags and shoes are displayed and every time we visit she was always in that room. 

In this short post I’d like to show you the oldest bags I own which I still use since “what’s old is new again” these days. These bags are hand me downs from my Mom and some from my Ima!

Like most Moms I find shopping very therapeutic! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I rarely go out, so this is my one and only vice… that’s how my husband justifies it and I truly thank God for him! :)

The oldest bags I own are mostly hand-me-downs from my Mom and my Ima! I absolutely love them since I feel I am the only one who has them these days! :)

Black vintage Gucci Signature GG Logo shoulder bag which I use as a body bag since the straps are too long!

Another Gucci vintage shoulder bag, I love the neutral color of this purse, the red and green detail is so 80's!

It comes with a hidden wallet! So clever.. you can use just the wallet or you can attach it to the purse as an accent!

Vintage Christian Dior Logo clutch bag from the 70's! Still chic and trendy, I usually use this when I wear plain outfits and I instantly look put together!

70's Christian Dior logo clutch in Maroon! Great used with an all black outfit!

Another vintage clutch from Gucci! This is great paired with distressed jeans and a big watch! :)
My 14-year-old Fendi Baguette bag! One of the first purse I ever bought with my own earnings! I love this purse it's a classic! I use it with or without the strap.. it is a bit tired but I still love it! :)
MY 11-year-old Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag! I love it because it's so light weight and durable even if the leather is thin and distressed. It's just the right size and it never goes out of style!
On the days when I feel down, I would usually lock myself inside our walk in closet and try on some of my shoes and look at my bags and I usually feel better every time I step out! Sometimes I even walk around the house wearing heels, the household help doesn't mind they are now used to it. I guess this is how I handle stress and life's challenges! Shallow, I know but it works for me! :)

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