Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect Parents Don't Exist!

When my boys were a few months old I would spend hours sniffing and kissing their feet and hands! I would think "if only they could stay this way forever then life would be perfect!" Babies truly are a gift from God! Being a mother has turned my life around in a wonderful way and I am grateful. Nothing beats the heart warming feeling I get when my sons look or smile at me. I read somewhere that mothers hold the hands of their children for a while but their hearts she keeps cradled forever. I truly believe this!

But that doesn’t mean they can’t drive me half insane and test my patience to the limit! Add in lack of sleep; the pressures of running a business, and daily life, of course you’re bound to do or say the wrong thing on occasions. I believe perfect parents don’t exist! So I won't waste my time trying to be one. There are times I admire my husband Veegee because he really makes an effort to say sorry to Miguel even if he is just five years old. Sometimes when he would scold him and snap at him, he sees to it that after everything Miguel understands that he was merely teaching him and not getting mad for no reason. 

As a parent I'll accept that I'm going to be less than perfect most of the time. Then, make every effort to do the best job I can. At the end I believe that a parent's job then, is not to attain perfection. Rather, it is to raise our children as best we can and enable them to leave home one day confident and believing in themselves, able to make their own way in the world.

If at the end of each day we are all still alive, still love each other and are still talking to each other then that means I've done a great job!

Just wanted to take a pic of Miguel and Jaime's feet and hands because they will never be what they are now.

Taking a picture of Miguel ( 2 years old ) and Jaime's feet and hands for me is a reminder of how quickly it all goes and just how precious each day with my children is!
Jaime's tiny hands and feet when he was around 4-months -old :)

Jaime when he was 4-months- old!

During my breastfeeding days 2.5 years ago!! This is how I looked like everyday! :)

My darling Miguel when he was 2-years old! Check out those cute hands and feet! My first attempt at being a parent was with this little fragile boy, born at 3.9 pounds and now one of the biggest boys in his class!

This picture was taken yesterday, Miguel is now 5.3 years old while Jaime is 2.10 years old! :)

The boys with their Papa Veegee!! :)


  1. You should smell Miguel's feet later. It's physical education class in school today hehehe

  2. "If at the end of each day we are all still alive, still love each other and are still talking to each other then that means I've done a great job!" -- amen to that :)