Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 Valuable Lessons I want to Teach my Sons :)

I often hear parents say they want to raise their kids this way or that way. Veegee and I never had a set of rules we follow when it came to raising our boys. Last night around 1am I thought of everything I wanted to teach my sons, so I made a list. That's how I came up with my "30 Valuable Lessons I want to Teach my Sons." These are guidelines I wish they could master. Again these are rules I've made up and I'm not sure if they will work BUT its worth a shot! I do pray and hope everyday that we are doing a good job at raising them, so here it goes:

1. Patience is a virtue, Good things come to those who wait.

2. Never touch anything that's not yours this applies to material things and other guy's girlfriends

3. When peeing always remember to lift the toilet seat, aim properly and remember to put the seat back down when you are done. Be considerate to girls who unlike you need to sit down to be able to pee.

4. Always say please, sorry and thank you, they are and always will be the magic words.

5. Respect your elders, listen to their advice and always offer to help.

6. Always remember to clean up after your own mess, don't expect anyone to pickup after you.

7. If you want something done, do it yourself! Don't order anyone around as if somebody assigned you as the boss.

8. Learn to do household chores, clean up, cook and do laundry you are not sure if you will find a wife so make sure you know how to take care of yourself!

9.Take care of your face, your skin and your body. Don't let them go to waste, you are very handsome boys, believe me I'm your mother! :)

10. Respect girls and treat them as equals, we now live in a world where girls can do everything a man can, except pee standing up thus we have rule number 3!

11.Always be a gentleman, treat all girls like they are royalty and respect them as if they are fragile pieces of glass. If you do all these, trust me you will eventually get your way with them.

12.Good grooming is the secret to success . The guy who never got a haircut, had long unkept nails, had bad breath and body odor never got anywhere.

13. Don't court or have a relationship with a girl you don't intend to eventually marry. A girl's time is very precious we have a Biological clock, you don't!

14. Never start a fight, but if somebody hurts you, you need to defend yourself, fight back and aim to win! If you are faced with a weapon or outnumbered its ok to retreat!

15. If all else fail NEVER surrender, PRAY and always ask GOD for help and guidance.

16. Save up for the future, with the way your father and I spend money we're not sure there will be any left for you :) It pays to be prepared!

17. When it comes to choosing your potential wife please choose wisely she will be my daughter too and she will inherit all that I've saved up for and treasured. She will also dictate how my grand kids will look like so please CHOOSE WISELY!

18. Never borrow anything you don't intend to return!

19. Learn to control your temper! Most of the inmates sentenced with life imprisonment are there because they never learned to control their temper.

20. Know when you need to be kind and know when you need to be strong. If a girl wants you to change for her. She doesn’t really love you no matter how much you want her to.

21. You will never know real pressure or a mightier pull than that of your friends influencing you to take part in their wrong doing. Saying NO makes you A REAL MAN, saying YES makes you a COWARD

22. Never use the words gay or lesbian in a demeaning manner. It’s ignorant and hurtful. In line with this never judge a person based on their chosen gender you are not holier than thou!

23. Remember where you came from and know where you want to go. Goals motivate people, I don't want you wandering around aimlessly not knowing what you want to do with your life.

24. Your knowledge, your education and our faith are the only things no one can ever take away from you. We will do our best to provide you with the best of all these so please maximize what is in your midst. Never stop wanting to learn.

25.Haste makes waste! Take the time to do things and do them properly you are not always on a deadline.

26. Never get married or settle down unless you are truly ready and sure you have chosen the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. Forever is a long time to spend with the wrong person!

27. Cell phones, cameras and gadgets are used to take decent pictures. Never use them to take pictures you cannot show to other people. Sexting is never acceptable!!

28. Cursing, cussing and using hate words is never ok! It cheapens you and it cheapens us.

29. Always remember where you came from, who you are and how important you are to us! We want you home safe and alive everyday so please don't do anything stupid.

30. Call your mother, she is always thinking of you, is missing you and she apparently knows all the answers to life's questions

Miguel and Jaime!! :)


  1. Vic, please add "wash your hands immediately after" to lesson #3. You'd be surprised at the number of men who leave the CR without washing. hehe robz

    1. Hehe!! Hello Robz!! Ok will edit :) of all the things I said talagang yan ang request mo ha! :)