Sunday, June 23, 2013

17 WEIRD Things I do as a MOTHER!

Ever since I had my boys my days have become pleasantly chaotic and surprisingly unpredictable. The past five years I have done weird things I never would have done before. Because of this I now realize I have truly becomea MOTHER! Read on...

1.Veegee  and I “pretend play” with the boys and we let loose and just be plain silly with them. This can be a great stress reliever, just being kids with our kids! Just make sure nobody sees you! :)  
Silly.. but very happy times spent with the boys! :)
2. When they have diaper rash I make sure to air out their skin and watch over them while they sleep without their diaper. I'd rub Calmoseptine on the affected area and turn on an extra fan aimed at their butts. This works for us and always heal most of their rashes over night! 

3. My husband and I always enjoy hearing the boys fart! Yes another simple pleasure that we cherish! Since they know we will laugh they now laugh with us! 

4. I can cut my sons fingernails and toenails in the dark while they sleep. With the use of my trusty led light and favorite kid's nail cutter. I can expertly cut and trim the nails of my boys in three to five minutes. It’s a new found talent!
My LED flashlight and favorite reliable nail cutter for kids! Very easy to use!! :)

5. I smell their heads, napes and armpits before they take a bath. They each have distinct scents only a mother could appreciate! :)

6. I watch them sleep. This is one of my simple joys in life!

7. I sometimes check if they are “really” breathing! SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome )  freaked me out when I gave birth and it still haunts me now that the boys are bigger.
Sometimes they sleep too soundly that I need to make sure they are breathing. Paranoid.. I KNOW!!
8. I clean their ears, nose and teeth when they are in deep sleep! Yes I am an expert at this too! To make a child open his mouth while sleeping you just need to gently rub his jaw.

9. I give them “SPA BATHS” at least once a week. These are long baths where I clean every nook and cranny of their tiny bodies! This is the time when I check if they have insect bites, bruises and scratches. I thoroughly shampoo their hair and use conditioner after. A vain mom equals vain kids!!
Taken after one of our "SPA BATHS" they look sleepy!! :)

10. I am paranoid and treat every mosquito as a disease-carrying insect. Thus I make sure my boys are always insect bite free! I can hunt down and kill every single mosquito in our house!

11. I let the boys play in the dark. I had an intense fear of the dark when I was little because my playmates and my Yaya always used it against me. They said ghosts and monsters will get me! That's why I want my boys to be comfortable in the dark, so they can defend me when the monsters come, kidding! :)
They play in the dark and sleep in a pitch black room! So far so good! :)
12. I let them invent their own words and we use these words on a daily basis. Miguel insisted he wanted his name changed into ELIE SHUBE so we sometimes call him that, when we are at home. Jaime said his name is KNACKER FOODS so our youngest is sometimes called KNACKER FOODS! We also have TURBEL BEAN, PIW-PIW-PIW, IRIGAMHE, and MASTICKING in our household these are actual words! If you drop-by our house you can use these words and my boys will warm up to you at once!

13. I am an expert in catching baby puke with my bare hands. Yes super gross but sometimes you just have to do with what you have to do. Yucky hands full of fresh vomit is better than having to spend hours cleaning the mattress! 
Jaime is our little "vomit boy" sometimes he would have tantrums that eventually end in vomit sessions. :(
14. When any of the boys has a fever I leave a damp washcloth inside their diaper for around thirty minutes. This is a trick my head seamstress taught me, she said heat emanates from down there! I laughed the first time I heard it. But when Miguel came down with a very high temperature and I’ve done everything I could. I tried this and it totally worked! I've been doing it every time the boys are sick.

15. My boys are just normal boys they aren’t whiz kids and geniuses but we applaud and coo at every little achievement as if they have never been done before. You should have seen me get teary eyed the first time Miguel and Jaime learned how to walk, blow a candle and use a drinking straw! 
Miguel at 1.5 years old! This is the first time he learned to use a straw!! :)
16. Veegee and I believe in co-sleeping with our kids. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and smother them with kisses. They usually stir and say "mama" because they know its me. Then I'd say "I'm here!" and they would go right back to sleep.

17. I still don't have the heart to explain to Miguel where babies truly come from. Right now he believes he was flying around in heaven before he found his way into my tummy. But he knows babies come out of their mom's tummies. That's why he would often kiss my CS scar and ask if it still hurts! :) He was born via normal delivery though, Jaime was the one who came out of my tummy because he was breech.

This is my life; the person I have become. No matter how silly or weird I’ve become, I wouldn't trade all this weirdness for anything else in the world! How about you do you have weird “mom” talents and practices too? :)

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