Saturday, January 12, 2013

" 25 things I learned at the RIPE old age of 36!"

The night before my birthday I felt inspired to write down and share with you the "25 things I learned at the "RIPE old age of 36!" Read on:

25. Try everything at least once but know when you need to stop.

24. Laugh out loud, be silly and enjoy life, stop taking everything too seriously, no one's judging you.
Veegee having fun with the boys! :)
23. Don't wait for miracles to happen MAKE them happen! Don't expect anyone else to support you, save up for the future!

22. Health really is wealth!! All the money in the world won't make you feel better after you've ignored your health.

21. First love never dies or shouldn't die because I married mine :)
On our wedding day :)
20. When in doubt always buy! Actually, get it in all colors or you'll regret not buying it the next day.

19. Don't save the best lipstick, the best perfume and jewelry, the best dinner-ware for that "very" special occasion LIFE IS SHORT make every day special!

18. Find the time to pamper yourself at least once a week no one else will make the effort to scrub your feet but you.

17. Never end ties with anyone you know you'll never know who you'll need down the road.

16.Treasure your friends as much as you can, the older you get the more they seem like family.

 15. If your kids are sleeping on a separate room get them now and co-sleep. The best memories I have of my boys are when they first open their eyes and see me smiling at them and they give me back their sweetest smile. Melts my heart everyday!!

I wake up everyday next to my husband and these two cutie pie boys!!  I love it! :)
14. Try to use cash instead of your credit card, avoid debts as much as you can it will result to a simpler and stress free life. If you feel you can't afford it then you probably can't.

13. Conquer your fear at all cost God knows I still shriek like a little girl everytime I see a cockroach! But I am trying my best!
My boys playing with a fake cockroach, they know how to test my limit! :) 
12. Spend as much time as you can with your family and loved ones, I lost my father at 23 years old and I still feel cheated. I feel the years we spent with him wasn't nearly enough.

11. For me the secret to best looking skin is a big umbrella and facial sunblock not lower than SPF37 worn daily.

10. I should have worn that two piece bathing suit when I was single and had smaller hips :) I realize now I was thin when I thought I was fat!!

9. Over kiss, over hug and have tickle fests and pillow fights with your kids as much as you can, that's how you make wonderful memories.

Goofing around with my little boys!
8. Always try to go out looking good and wear your best clothes, you never know who you will bump into today!

7. NEVER look or talk down on ANYONE regardless of who they are, what they do or where they come from. NOBODY deserves to be treated like s--t!

6. Never compare yourself to models, celebrities and royalty they have stylists, makeup artists and most of them are airbrushed :)

5. Don't spend today worrying about tomorrow or the past, you are just wasting precious brain cells and time you can never get back.

4. Forgive as hard as you can but never forget!

3. Envy is worthless, there will always be someone richer, prettier, younger and more talented than us.

2. Now that I'm also a mother I truly believe: MOTHER REALLY KNOWS BEST!!

1. Make the most of what you have, expect the worst and hope for the best and then leave it all up to God :)

There you go, all I've learned in my 36 years of existence! The best is yet to come! Looking forward to making my list longer! :) Have a nice day!! :)

My FAMILY! :) 

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