Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dinner at Sofitel's revamped Spiral Restaurant :)

Earlier this week our family had the chance to dine at the revamped Sofitel Spiral Restaurant which reopened last November after their rumored P500 million renovation which they spent for the extensive repairs that had to be done after waist-deep floods from typhoon Pedring ruined the restaurant.

The last time we ate there was around two years ago and to quote my cousin Pat, they have truly "leveled up" the dining experience. The restaurant now offers 21 food stations that they call dining ateliers. These stations give diners a wide range of cuisines and cooked food  to feast on, whether it’s xiao long bao or chicken tandoori, foie gras or tom yum and sea weed soup, or Gruyere, Brie cheese, assorted wine  and lots of hams and appetizers to choose from.

They even have their own cheese room with so many fine cheeses to choose from along with the world's best hams, we especially loved the Serrano Ham!  What I loved most about their spread is that its a la minute buffet. Everything is done before you and not cooked beforehand, all you have to do is ask any chef at any given station and they will cook anything you want on the spot. They even have a meat storage you can open and choose from, almost everything you want to eat they can make for you.

The dessert station was also something to look forward to from the halo halo station to the crepe made on the spot and their famous special ice cream with loads of flavors and toppings to choose from. They also had three giant chocolate fountains, fresh fruits cut on the spot as well as freshly made truffles and all the gummy candies you can ever imagine. My sweet tooth definitely had a great time!!   

The wonderful dining experience comes with a hefty price of course at P2,800++ per head, but its ok to live it up once in awhile and enjoy life, good food, fine dining ambiance as well as great company.

With our cousin Beth, Mama and my sister Maita

With Yay and Beth and my sister again :)

Another picture with Yay and Gilbert :)

At our table :)

The dessert spread: Halo halo station and fresh fruits :)

The had a separate room for their cheese and ham collection :)

The three chocolate fountains :)

Thai cooking station :)

Indian cooking Station :)

Japanese Cooking Station :)

Seafood Station :)

Salad Station

Steak / Meat Station :)

My dessert plate!! Yum!! :)

We asked for Oysters made ala Rockefeller :)

Their special ICE CREAM :)

Meat Storage

Chinese Station

Soup Station
What I wore that night.. finally got to wear my sparkly skirt! :) 

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