Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WATCH REVIEW: The watch that improved my well-being! :)

This review is 5 years delayed! I bought my first ever Philip Stein watch shortly after I gave birth to Miguel back in 2008. I wasn't able to wear it that much because I got pre-occupied with a new baby and all the changes going on in my life. That was also about the same time I was setting up TINY TOTS so days eventually turned into months, and months turned into years. I would wear it at least once or twice a month and then keep it again.

Recently I've had the urge to give its TESLAR Technology a try since that was the main reason I bought it, aside from the fact that for me its a classic piece that looked really good because I love big watches. I fell in love with its dual time zone dial and the window in the back part of the watch offering a glimpse of the company’s Frequency Technology, and the watch straps that I could easily change according to my mood.
 My 5 year-old Philip Stein watch!

What makes the Philip Stein watch different from all the the other watch brands is that it has Multiple Frequency Technology (MFT) chips that succeeds the Teslar Chip. It produces an electromagnetic field that pulses against your wrist seven to nine times per second, mimicking the signals sent by the brain when you're in a state of calm or high athletic performance.
All of the Philip Stein Watches contain a metal disk which has been infused with a combination of natural frequencies which help to reset the body to its ideal Harmonic Resonance Frequency.
 The back part of the watch, apparently this is where all the feel good ions are coming from :)

So I could test for myself if all of these statements are real, I wore my Philip Stein watch everyday for about two months, sometimes I'd wear it even when I'm asleep but most of the times I remove it before I go to sleep and wear it right after I took a bath in the morning.

I did feel some form of tension relief, increased energy and more restful sleep the past weeks, I was somewhat calmer and my chronic low back pain seemed to have lessened. ALL these from wearing a watch??? I guess so, since I've been  achieving more the past weeks and feeling better overall.. maybe it really is the FEEL GOOD watch! :)

There are only two drawbacks to my owning a Philip Stein watch, the first is that since its battery operated I've had the batteries changed four separate times in the five years that I've had it. Because of its dual time/watch feature each watch has its own battery and they die at different times so there were times that only the top watch was working while the lower watch was dead and vice versa.

The next drawback would be the quality of the leather straps, when I bought it the black leather strap came with the watch and you can choose another one for free, so i got the beige leather strap as my spare. I was thinking that I wanted to get the basic colors first before I moved on to more colorful straps. The quality of the leather isn't too good and they tend to turn brittle over time, which means I would have to buy new straps soon! :(

I had our suking manong watch man add another hole on my leather straps since the farthest one was still too big for me which made the watch turn and not stay put on my small wrists :)

Other than that the watch delivers!! It has also increased its price since I got it so that means its also a great investment. A sensible warning to anyone interested in buying a Philip Stein watch, DO NOT BUY A REPLICA! Buying a replica will defeat the purpose of having the Multiple Frequency chips and will not benefit you in anyway :( 

The watch with interchangeable straps removed. It's very easy to change the straps according to your mood! :) My straps are tired and a bit worn out! :) 

With the black leather strap on :)
Calling on my husband!! :)  I would love to own this model next; its the Philip Stein Oversized Chronograph in Stainless Steel Case with Rubber Bezel, black dial with digital multi-function!! It looks rugged and classic I love it! :) 


  1. Who's your husband again? hehehe I like that hybrid analog-digital P'Stein watch you posted. Promise to let me borrow it if I get you one? hehehe

  2. for any Questions about the original teslar watch please visit:

  3. The photo showing the back of the watch does not seem to have any engravings on the MFT copper itself. Does it have any? I have 3 PS watches. Both the Signature and Classic models have engraving on the chip, while the Prestige doesn't. I wonder if it is normal, or could the one be a fake?

  4. eu tenho um philip stein signature cor grafite mais to em duvida si ele a replica ou original como faço pra sabe

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