Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion Week: A week's worth of outfits by the Mid30smom :)

Over the past few months I've been taking pictures of my daily outfits on Instagram, it's a new hobby which inspire me to dress up for my day to day activities as well as special occasions .
I'm reposting them here at my blog so I can delete them from my phone. :) these pictures were taken at my sons playroom. Why there?? Because the only time I can take selfies are when my husband is in the bathroom getting ready too and when the kids are either getting dressed or eating :)

MID30sMOM NOTE: I intentionally don't mention the brands or where I got my clothes and accessories because I encourage all moms out there to buy their clothes based on their personal styles and wants and to not be dictated by brands and labels :)
But If you want to ask where I got something and what brand whatever it is I'm wearing I'd be more than happy to share, just post comments and questions below if ever :)

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