Thursday, January 17, 2013

MID30sMOM TIP: Baby Potatoes versus Regular Potatoes

I've made a recent discovery! Baby potatoes are yummy! I don't usually cook but I do all the grocery shopping and the day to day menu planning at home. Once when we needed to buy regular potatoes the nearby grocery didn't have any but they had baby potatoes so I bought a bag and told our cook to use that instead. I asked her to just wash the baby potatoes thoroughly and don't remove the skin and use them as if they're regular cut big potatoes. It turns out they are yummier than regular potatoes and I think they are healthier too since you get to eat the skin. The kids love it because they feel they are eating crunchy marbles. Its been months since I bought regular sized potatoes and its working for us. What's best is we get to save too since baby potatoes are much cheaper than the regular potatoes :) try it you might love them too!

Regular Chicken Afritada with baby potatoes instead of the usual cut regular potatoes :)

I bought this bag of baby potatoes for just P19.50!!

Try baby potatoes stir fried in butter add onion chives, bacon bits and top with melted cheese, healthy and so yummy!! You can add sour cream if you want it to be a bit creamier and tangier! :)


  1. I loooove baby potatoes with sour cream!

  2. How come I didn't get to taste this?