Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I wore the same dress from AM to PM :)

It was a lazy rainy Sunday but we had two occasions lined up for the day. I decided to wear the same dress from our afternoon party to our semi formal dinner party. Check out the pictures below to see how I got away with it! :)

For the AM event: I wore my basic black dress with red and navy blue belt, simple accessories, and red and navy flat shoes

For the dinner party: I wore the same dress, put my hair up in a bun, changed my belt into something with shimmer and gold details, used a clutch bag, added gold accessories and champagne pearls, them finished it off with sky high beige heels :)
The two ways I wore my black dress side by side :) Your Little Black Dress can be your best friend, you just have to be creative and don't be afraid to accessorize! :)

MID30sMOM NOTE: I intentionally don't mention the brands or where I got my clothes and accessories because I encourage all moms out there to buy their clothes based on their personal styles and wants and to not be dictated by brands and labels :)
But If you want to ask where I got something and what brand whatever it is I'm wearing I'd be more than happy to share, just post comments and questions below if ever :)

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