Monday, January 14, 2013

My top 4 MAC lipstick picks!!

Finding the perfect shades of lipstick is like finding your best friends, there will be plenty of acquaintances but only a precious few will be lifelong friends.

For MAC I feel I've found my four best shades, but first let me give you a background on my lipstick knowledge. I've only started using lipsticks since 2011, and even then I used them sparingly as I was happy just using lip gloss from Kiehls, Bobbi Brown and this Aussie brand named Bloom. I felt lipstick was meant for sophisticated women and that I wouldn't look good wearing all that stuff on my lips. But I was so wrong, the first ever lipstick that I really used was from MAC. A friend gave me Hot Tahiti, I dabbed a little of it on my lips the first time I tried it on because it looked shockingly dark in the tube but I was surprised to discover that the finished color payout was a soft romantic Red not too shocking but just the right Red. The color my lips would be after I ate something real cold and refreshing!

From then on I was hooked!! I've then acquired a mini-collection if lipsticks even from other makeup brands which I hope to feature here soon.

Finding the best meant I also bought a few that didn't work for me, either I looked like a corpse or I looked like the Asian version of Nikki Minaj,but its all good the thrill of the hunt made it fun.

Below are the pictures and swatches of my top 4 MAC lipsticks!

MID30SMOM Note: For reference I'm a MAC NC25 and cool toned. I am also not into matte and shimmery formulas so I often stick with creme and semi glossy finishes :)

From L-R: Hot Tahiti in Glaze Formula, Craving in Amplified Creme, Creme in your Coffee in Cremesheen and Lustering in Lustre

From L-R: Hot Tahiti in Glaze Formula, Craving in Amplified Creme, Creme in your Coffee in Cremesheen and Lustering in Lustre

Swatches of the lipsticks swiped twice :) see how lovely they all are :) I'd love to provide you pictures of me wearing these four fab shades but I have yet the courage to take pics of my own lips then post them here.. Maybe next time! :)

If ever you decide to purchase a MAC lipstick I'd recommend you visit their stores and try as many shades as you want then narrow down your choices and choose the best one you like. Don't get pressured to buy at once they have testers for us to test and test all we want! Good luck in finding the best shade for you, do let me know if you find something you love so I can try it out too!!


  1. i'm into shades of pink and i loved Hot Gossip and Speed Dial for everyday use. :) they said pink makes u look younger and fresh...these shades are more into the "bluish" pinks as MAC calls it...sometimes though, the shades bcome no longer available so have to scout for similar ones, by combining different shades...i used to have their Barbie ed in Rocking Chick, then i top it with Lady Gaga Viva Glam in lustre...but now those are hard to find, so i use the ever best-selling and loud pink of Pink Nouveau then tame it with Chatterbox, to get that creamy pink pigmentation :) btw, their colors on the website are a bit far from reality, so best to test actual tubes on the lips, they're nice pala even though u don't see them as appealing colors as per website

    1. Hello Anne! thanks for the great recommendations! I will definitely try all of them out :) I've tried Speed Dial, I loved the color payoff but I hesitated to get it because of the gold sheen... but since summer is near I will give it another shot :) I've also tried layering the lippies with other colors and its fun, only I can't seem to get the same result every time haha.. which I realize is better because I get to experiment if I layer colors :) I also love Shu Uemura lipsticks for color payoff and lasting power they are better than MAC have you tried them too?? Looking forward to read more "kikay" tips with you. :)