Saturday, August 23, 2014

The one piece of clothing everyone should own now!

The Essential Denim Shirt! The one and only shirt that you can wear to work, during daytime as well as night-outs. The denim shirt worn with the right bottoms will always make you look chic and stylish. This shirt along with the crisp white shirt and the little black dress are my best classics! Whenever I have a fashion dilemma and don't know what to wear I turn to these three items and I almost always think of something great to wear.

Below are pictures of how I would usually wear my denim shirts! :)

The Denim shirt paired with colored pants always look fresh and unexpected :)

The denim shirt paired with a skirt instantly makes it party ready and less casual :)

Try the denim on denim look :) make sure to pair the shirt with pants of a different denim wash to break down the outfit :)

Try to mix and match till you find what looks good on you and don't forget to have fun! Window shopping and trying out clothes are my fave activities that help me de-stress!! :)