Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Chicken that made my life easier!

I've only been a wife and a mother for almost six years, along the way I've picked up a few tips here and there on how I can be a better homemaker. One of my task is to plan meals for the whole family which I've realized the past years is not easy. Since I am not an expert cook its a challenge to come up with meal plans that will make everyone in the household happy. The other thing that made my task harder was that we are a family that loved chicken, pork and beef aren't hit makers in the Cabugao household. This made meal planning even more challenging for me.

Then I discovered Bounty Fresh Chicken!! They have this vacuum packed whole chicken which they call Bounty Fresh Chicken Cuisine, at just P150 for one whole chicken that's already marinated the price point isn't bad at all!! They have lots of flavors to choose from and we've tried all of them!! Our favorites are Honey Butter, Sweet and Spicy and Pepper Lime. You can cook the chicken in a broiler and for a twist sometimes we cook it inside a pressure cooker and the juice of the chicken turns into a flavorful sauce. This chicken has pleased a lot of house guests and yet its so easy to prepare!!

Do check and try it out if you haven't, its very highly recommended by a non-cooking mom like me hehe!! :)

We usually buy our Bounty Chicken stash at SnR or Landmark Trinoma grocery :)

So many flavors to choose from!! :)

Sold at just P150 each, it's already marinated and ready to cook!

The finished product!! So yummy and juicy

Perfect with green mango salad with salted eggs and fresh mushroom soup with spinach!. Let's eat!! :)

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