Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's inside your purse NOW?!? :)

Many years ago when I was still single my purse and everything in it was stolen. I cried buckets of tears before I realized that I was just crying over material things that I can never get back for sure. I guess that's when I started getting curious about women and the contents of their bags. I love reading blog entries and articles on what's inside a person's purse, their makeup kits and things they can't leave home without. I feel the contents of a woman's purse tells so much about who they are.

In here I'd like to share the contents of my own purse. I tried to stay true to the what's in your bag now concept and I didn't add or edit the stuff that's currently inside my purse, the pictures were taken about the same time I thought of this post :) So here it goes:

My current purse is a black leather Givenchy Nightingale: the contents (from L to R )
* My TINY TOTS FOLD-IT bag goes with me everywhere in case I need a bigger bag to put anything and everything in.
* My Iphone which keeps me connected wherever I go, this device made my life so much easier since I can go online anywhere! The built in iphone camera is also great that's why I no longer bring a point and shoot camera.
* My trusty Blackberry Bold 9780 which I use to keep connected with all the TINY TOTS mommies, threaded texts made everything so much easier for me.
* My 4th gen I POD Touch which stores all my music and other important files
* My 8 year-old Prada makeup kit which also serves as my coin purse, this pouch is so light and sturdy I think it will last a few more years. ( see next picture for what's inside my make-up kit )
* Wet wipes and tissues
* Mini Snicker bar for my sugar fix :)
* Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer which I refill with regular 70% Rubbing Alcohol, I won't settle for anything weaker, sometimes I mix  in a little cologne to keep things interesting :)
* My clear plastic pens made from recycled water bottles which are great.. I've already reordered some from
* My favorite Prada Sunglasses with polarized lens which are great at reducing glare, it took me awhile to find a perfect frame that looked good on me :)
* My rose petal Rosary with the image of Pope John Paul II on the case which an uncle brought home from a visit to Rome
* The pearl earrings I was wearing the night before :) 
* My tape measure
* My mini calculator
* And my 9 year-old Louis Vuitton wallet

That's it the contents of my purse!! If you want to see the contents of my make-up kit read on.. this is the makeup kit I bring with me everywhere but not the makeup kit I use everyday.. will post my daily make-up kit here soon too :)

* My MAC NC25 Studio Fix Powder Foundation
* Celeteque Suncare Lip Balm
* Mini cologne sprayer with Mustela Agua de Colonia sin Alcohol for me and the boys, this smells like a bunch of freshly bathe babies!! :) We love it!
* Burt's Bees Rejuvenating LIP BALM
* Keys to the workshop :) with VG's very old car keychain
* The pearls earrings I was wearing the night before
* Tonymoly Mineral Skinfit Snow Blusher, great for touch-ups :)
* MAC Amplified Craving Lipstick.. wonderful for sudden night-outs
* My daytime lippie : Shu Uemura  Rouge Unlimited BG 965
* If I want something different I use my Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited WN 295 for that unexpected Wine tinted lips :)
* The best mascara ever! Majolica Majorca Lash King in Brown
* Cut out squares of Super Moleskin bandage which I use if I'm wearing shoes that hurt my feet to avoid blisters
*Kleenex Blotting paper, the perfect facial blotting paper ever! Gatsby works well too!
* Small vials of Jo Malone Cologne in Lime Basil and Mandarin and White Jasmin and Mint and another vial of Acca Kappa Cologne
* TINY TOTS business cards
* and a LED Light flashlight from my husband which is very useful!

A closer look :) My kids are my wall paper! :)

What's inside my MAKE-UP kit which I carry with me everywhere! :)

A closer shot of my kikay stuff!'

That's it!! How about you what's inside your bag?? I'd love to find out!! :P

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  1. I really find it amusing how women are able to bring a lot of things in one handbag. I know a lot of girls who actually bring along with them expensive things that purchasing a handbag insurance is already a necessity. =) Looking at yours, I can say you kept thins simple.