Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mid30smom Discovery: The Onestop Best Meatshop in Quezon City!

Meat shopping has been one of my least favorite chores when I became a wife and a mother. I always buy our meat and poultry supply at the grocery store since I do not have the courage to go to the wet market to buy fresh meat.
All this changed when my husband and I discovered My Own Meatshop along Panay Avenue. We buy our beef and pork supply there and we've been satisfied regular customers for over a year. The meat selection is awesome and they have  great quality beef and pork in various cuts and preparations. The price range per pack is also great for those on a budget. Their products are imported in good condition and quality from overseas suppliers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Vietnam.
The meat they sell are all vacuumed packed and frozen, which means you will need to adjust if you are used to buying fresh meat, but since we've tested the quality of their meats buying them frozen does not make a difference at all for us. When cooked the meat we get from them are as juicy and as fresh as ever. 

They also have a great selection of frozen fish and seafood as well as sausages and  frozen vegetables, fries and hash browns. The convenience of being able to purchase everything in one place combined with the friendly, knowledgeable service, high quality products and reasonable prices keeps  us coming back again and again!

Customer service at My Own Meatshop is wonderful; they know their customers by name, and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. Their freezers are immaculately clean and the shop itself is spotless. You really have to see for yourself and I'm sure like us you will be hooked! 

My Own Meatshop is located at 91 Panay Avenue Quezon City. Finding a parking spot is never a problem.

The store is fully-air-conditioned, clean and spacious! That's my husband Veegee trying to decide which cut of steak he will get for dinner!! :)

There are lots of storage freezers you can check-out and open to see which type of meat you want to purchase.

Veegee checking out the many meat selections at My Own Meatshop :)

That's me!! Meat shopping, a chore I now enjoy thanks to My Own Meatshop!! :)

Our favorite pick: 10 sticks of tender and juicy pork barbecue at just P90!!! Can you believe it??!

Sumptuous tender juicy steak for just P235!! :) This is best cooked using an electric yummy!!

Pork Tocino for breakfast sold at just P88! :) We love it!!

The Kids love this!! Pork fillet strips which we deep fry till they are crunchy. Sold at just around P118 per pack :)

The My Own Meatshop staff: they are very helpful and friendly, but camera shy hehe! :)

Veegee being his goofy self and holding a rack of lamb I think??? :)

The finished product!! ! 10 sticks of yummy barbecue for just P90!!! :) 
We super love My Own Meatshop!!! :)


  1. This is owned by my mom's friend. They have good meat no? Buti nalang they renovated. It was pretty hard to find before since it's a home store. Hehe.

    I should go and buy. But sayang my x10 points sa Shopwise! But cheap ha?

    Hehe, there! I visited your blog, Vic!

    1. Hello Kaye!! Yes very affordable ang meat nila :) I discovered the shop cause one of the owners bought from Tiny Tots we've been regular customers since then :) Try mo ok talaga sila lapit lang sa office mo :) Thanks for dropping by link up my blog sa blog mo hahaha possible ba yun?? Still don't know how this works until now haha :) see you soon! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Had to edit that post, sorry! Again, thank you for the lovely review! I will be posting a link your shop's Facebook Page as well in case we have some mommies who shop at MyOwn who would like some baby stuff! :)

    2. Thanks Colleen! Saw the new products the last time we visited the shop, the sausages are yummy!! :)

  3. You forgot to mention the handsome chinitos manning the store. Quite a treat for all the lady shoppers out there hehe

  4. Yes veegeeboy the boys can be quite a treat for the single ladies too! I also forgot to mention their very affordable Wagyu patties your favorite!! :)