Sunday, May 19, 2013

10 Random Facts About ME! :)

This is a challenge post I saw in one of the foreign blogs I follow, I gave it a MID30sMOM twist by making it my TEN Random Things I want my Sons to know about me. These are facts about me that I want my sons to know when they get older.  I feel these bits of information will help them understand me better and know who I really am. So here it goes:

1. When I took the qualifying exam for Bachelor of Arts major in Journalism I told myself that if I didn’t pass I wanted to shift to Commerce and major in Business Administration instead. Around 130-150 students took that qualifying test and only 34-37 of us got in! My last two years in college was amazing! I was doing what I loved best and learning from the best professors, writers and editors in the Journalism industry.

My College buddies!! Katleya, Joanna and Emily.  We all still get together up until now!

2. I have an intense fear of cockroaches! I really, truly believe they can smell fear and they go after those that fear them the most!! The crawling ones scare me but the flying ones possess the power to give me a heart attack on the spot.

My boys obviously did not inherit my fear! They love their fake" ipis" and they always use it against me!!

3. I have a tiny mole in my inner right arm that Miguel discovered, which he named “itchy-itchy” he would touch and kiss it at least ten times a day. He would sometimes reach out and look for it even when he is asleep.

A candid picture of Miguel reaching out and touching "itchy-itchy" :) 

4. Jaime is named after the son of an Ex -Presidential Candidate that I truly admired. I still believe that he could have made a huge difference if he was given a chance to lead our country.

Jaime's full name is: JAIME INIGO AUGUSTO, he is also named after Veegee's dad!

5. My father is an artist and a great painter, my eldest sister graduated Fine Arts and Advertising and our middle sister can draw anything! I on the other hand cannot draw at all; not even stick figures, no matter how much I try they still look very sickly. Which means I did not inherit the artistic gene. My Mom is quick to point out that I’m an artist too because I can combine and match colors perfectly and I can design anything inside my head.

Some of Papa's paintings, they are all over the house! :)

6. The greatest memory I have of my Papa is when I was a little girl and he would towel dry my hair after I take a bath, sometimes even till I fall asleep. Its been twelve years since he passed away and I still miss him and think of him everyday.

Our family in the 80's! :) I'm the youngest out of three girls.

7. As much as I don’t want to admit my mother’s approval mean the world to me. I don’t know if this runs in the family or if it’s just me.

That's me when I was five years old, with my MAMA :)

8. I married my first boyfriend, making my husband my first and last love, which means, and I thank God for the fact that my heart has never been broken… yet. Too much burden on my husband hehe!! My sisters also married their first boyfriends!

Veegee and my sisters: Maita (left) and Maureen (right)

9. Before I became this KIKAY I was a stereotypical boyish and tomboy high school kid! I came from an all girls’ school and back then being boyish was considered “super cool!”

My life-long friends! (L-R) Odyssa, Me, Therese and Margrette! :)

10. I wore braces for 12 years!! I had terrible crooked teeth, I had five excess teeth that came out at different stages of my life and it’s a good thing my orthodontist had the patience to wait for all of them to come out. She really didn’t stop till I had the perfect smile.

I was 24 years-old here and still wearing braces! :)

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