Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tried and Tested Kids Products We Love!! :)

My boys are super low maintenance! Jaime has normal skin while Miguel has mild skin asthma that come and goes but aside from that I Thank God they are normal boys with typical needs.
After five years of being a mom I have established a list of my kids "go to products" all of which I trust and love. I'd like to share them with you here :)

1. Suave Kids Shampoo- These Hair Smoothers shampoo are great! They smell so good and make my kids hair soft and shiny. I know this for a fact because when I tried other kids shampoo their hair became course and dry. Also the scent are so delicious smelling they last and last even if the boys sweat a lot :)

The best smelling and softening shampoo for kids!

2. Calmoseptine- This is the best diaper rash cream there is! I've tried them ALL and I keep coming back to this. It's not available locally in tubes but you can buy it in sachets over the counter in Mercury. If you have relatives in the US it's best you ask them to buy for you since it is way cheaper there.

You only need a tiny amount of it to work and once applied it makes your baby's bottom wet proof! Thinly coat your baby's butt with this and I'm sure you won't have to deal with diaper rash. When my boys were breastfed I had no problems with diaper rash but once they started drinking formula that's when we first saw how terrible it is for a baby to suffer from diaper rash. Jaime never had to deal with terrible and painful diaper rash because we used this on him. It was Miguel my eldest who tried multiple diaper rash creams that did not work before we discovered this.

The only diaper rash cream that TRULY worked for my boys! :)

Some of the creams we tried... they all failed and did not work for us :(

3. Aceite Manzanilla Oil - my Pedia does not agree with me on this but based on personal experience this really worked for us. This simple product helped us get through a lot of difficult times specially when the boys were still infants. Whenever they had gas, colic or tummy ache we'd just rub this on their bellies and they feel so much better after.

Our miracle cure for colic, gas and stomach pains!

4. Aveeno Lotion- Miguel has mild skin asthma, this is the only lotion that calms his skin and help lessen flare ups, it moisturizes and soothes his skin. Keeping it baby soft and rash-free. One bottle will last around two months if used by two kids.

The only lotion that heals and calms Miguel's troubled skin :)

5. Mustela cologne- Mustela colognes are alcohol free making them great for babies and kids. They smell clean and fresh, none of those usual baby powder scents. They are mild yet long lasting and when my boys sweat which happens a lot, they still smell so good! I spray a little of this on their hair and they smell great the whole day!

The best smelling, safe and mild baby cologne!

6.Eco Baby milk milk baby soap- This is shameless advertising I know! Yes I own Eco-baby and Tiny Tots but our Milk Milk Baby soap truly is the only soap that my boys use, since they were infants up until now! When other mothers ask me why my boys are so white and their skin so smooth..I tell them MILK MILK BABY! I know how these soaps are made and I know what goes into them. Each bar is made from 100% organic materials, how and why else would I use any other soap for my own kids? :)

The mildest, all-natural, softening, whitening and moisturizing soap for babies and adults! :)

7. NEAT All Natural FEEDING bottle and Accessories Cleaner - We've always worried about what Milk to give our kids so they would get the best possible nutrients from it, yet parents often overlook what chemicals were used to clean their kids feeding bottles. The harsh chemicals found in commercial dish washing liquids can easily mix into our kids milk. Just imagine all those harmful chemicals they are ingesting!! Again since NEAT is a product that we sell and carry at Tiny Tots I know it's made of all natural plant based materials that are safe for my boys. Neat is also fragrance free which guarantees their milk and feeding bottles does not smell like dish washing liquid! 

NEAT!! The best all natural feeding bottle and infant accessories cleaner there is!!
8. BOOGIE WIPES- This is a new addition to our "must have" baby products. My boys have the smallest nostrils I've ever seen and when they have a snot or a booger they simply cannot breathe! I use these wipes to soften sticky and hard to reach boogers stuck inside their nose. Its not like ordinary wipes because Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline that won't hurt my kids skin. This works great when they have a cold and I need to repeatedly wipe their nose, which sometimes become red and raw. When I use this they don't complain and we can all breathe easy!! Will make a separate blog post for this soon! :)
The best wipes to clean out hard snots and booger from my boy's tiny noses!

9. SansFluo Toothpaste- Its an all Natural toothgel and gum cleanser that's safe for babies and  kids! Its Flouride free. Orange or Strawberry flavored and very effective, my boys love it!
We've been using this for five years and I've never seen a tooth decay!
MY boys and their pearly whites!! :)
SansFluo is best used with the TINY TOTS TOOTH WIPES!

10. Scott's Emulsion- This product has been around for more than a hundred years! Its not just great for kids its great for adults too, its the only way I can make sure my kids consume essential fish oils that can help them have strong bones and healthy teeth. Its also great at boosting the immune system and warding off coughs and colds!
The taste has improved tremendously since the last time we drank it when we were kids too! :) Like all other medicines please consult your doctor before trying anything new.
This was highly recommended by my Mom who said that her grandmother lived to 105 years because she drank this everyday!

11. Perla bar- No, we don't use this on the kids, we use this to wash their clothes. We've been using this in our household since we were kids too! Its all-natural and whitens the kids white clothes perfectly! I guess that's why its been around for so long, my yaya of 34 years use this to wash her face and she is wrinkle free!! :) ( I don't have the courage to try it on my face though! )
After all these years this is still the best all natural detergent for my kids clothes!
12. Braun Thermo Scan- This is my constant companion during sleepless nights when my boys have the flu or fever. Its very easy to use even if they are asleep, the probe also does not feel cold to the touch, so they actually seem to like having their temperature taken. It takes an accurate ear reading in just a few seconds! This is the exact model they use in Emergency Rooms and Hospitals, its very durable. I've dropped this a couple of times and its still working! Truly worth the cost! :)

My constant companion every time my boys are sick, in seconds I can get their accurate temperature without putting up a fight!
13. Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer- If the air gets a bit heavy or dry my boys cannot breath because of this the Vicks Humidifier has been in our room for years! I turn it on every night for around 10-15 minutes to add moisture to the air and the my boys no longer complain about their stuffy noses. It provides soothing, visible steam moisture for relief of cough and congestion. You can also use any scent to freshen the air. Excellent even if your child has an irritating cough as it seems to sooth their airways enabling a better night's sleep. We have had ours for over 4 years and it still works perfectly.

I turn this on every night for around fifteen minutes and my boys can breathe easier!!

That's it for now :) How about you what's your "go to" products when it comes to your kids?? :) 

My boys!! Miguel is 5 years-old and Jaime is 2.7 years old :) 


  1. Hello. Is the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer available in the Philippines?

    1. Yes we got ours at Mercury Drug :) I think I saw it in S&R too a few months ago :)

    2. Oh.. I should have bought this instead of Airoma :(

  2. now im interested on Eco Baby milk milk baby soap. how to order and deliver? thank you! btw, very informative listing here.

    1. Thanks Berlin!! The MILK MILK baby soap is sold at P140 each :) Please PM me at facebook.com/shoptinytots if you want to order :) delivery within Manila is just P60 :)

    2. Hi...im interested with the milk milk soap..my baby has sensitive white skin and im afraid to use any soap and wash..coz i had already experienced with lactacyd baby wash..her skin really react so bad...as i read ur blog milk milk soap has natural kngredients i guess it suits to my baby white skin without any bad results. Heres my no. 09991757238 i want to order. Tnx

  3. agree with SansFluo and Perla :)

  4. Hi. Where to buy scott's emulsion? Thanks

    1. Hello! It's available in all Mercury Drug stores and at major groceries like Landmark :)

  5. Hi, My Son has mild skin asthma too, and is now using Aveeno lotion, we tried other brands before from cetaphil to ezerra but i think aveeno works on his skin. , I used also bioneem ointment on his scars, both works!


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