Friday, May 10, 2013

Do you believe in PAGLILIHI? My Untold “LIHI” story!

I’ve been searching the web for the English translation of PAGLILIHI and I can’t seem to find it! The words that come up are CRAVING andAVERSION, which for me are not the correct but the closest translation of “PAGLILIHI.” Which got me thinking.. Pilipino lang ba ang NAGLILIHI? Is it a state of mind we created? Do you believe in PAGLILIHI?

I am writing my untold and semi-embarrassing PAGLILIHI story here so I can share with you, whoever is reading my humble blog and for my boys so they have an idea of how I was when I was pregnant with them. First off let me explain that I am not into “showbiz” and “showbiz personalities,” it is simply not my thing. BUT every time I’m pregnant I seem to gravitate towards a certain local showbiz personality and seeing their face simply makes me happy!

Let me explain further; when I was pregnant with Miguel, Marimar was a huge hit! Dingdong Dantes’ face was everywhere from TV ads, newspaper ads and road billboards, it was hard not to see him everywhere. During the early weeks of my pregnancy I found myself watching Marimar everyday simply because I wanted to see Dingdong Dantes! My assistant even gave me PLDT call cards with pictures of Dingdong in various poses. I loved those call cards and I used them as my bookmarks for all the pregnancy books I read. I didn’t go crazy and set out to collect lots of pictures, just watching him on TV made me happy. I guess I loved seeing him because I secretly wished that my baby would look like him.

It’s a good thing I have a very kind and understanding husband, because I would repeatedly tell him “sana kamukha ng baby si Dingdong noh?!” he would just smile and agree.

Dingdong my PINAGLIHIAN when I was pregnant with Miguel!

Jaime’s story: A few weeks before I knew I was pregnant again we had a big family affair where celebrities were invited. That’s when I saw Jolo Revilla he wasn’t astonishingly handsome but he had gorgeous eyes that sparkled! He had kind chinito eyes that smiled even if he wasn’t actually smiling. I remember telling Veegee, “ang pogi pala ng batang yan in person!” He was kind and charming too. I never did find a picture of him anywhere after the event but the whole time I was pregnant with Jaime I’d always think of how I liked his eyes and how I was wished my next child would have kind chinito eyes too!

I loved looking at Jolo's chinito eyes when I was pregnant with Jaime!
So that’s it, other pregnant moms ask for food and other weird stuff while I was happy just seeing Dingdong and Jolo. Below are pictures of my boys and my PINAGLIHIAN side by side. What do you think?? Not bad right ..I think I got what I wished for both times! :)

What do you think?? Not bad right ..I think I got what I wished for both times! :)
XS: Lately I’ve been telling Veegee how cute this boy is! Hmmm makes me wonder if the third one is on the way! WINK!! :)

XS: As for food cravings the only thing I remember I asked Veegee to buy for me were Emental Cheese, Extra Large strawberries and a can of Whipped Cream. I remember telling my husband not to go home unless he finds super large strawberries and a can of yummy whipped cream. All of which he got for me YEY!! :)


  1. Who's the last one again? hehehe

    A baby girl who looks like a race car drive?

  2. That's Marlon!! Super crush.. He's really pogi in person, i was so kilig when I saw husband was just laughing.hehe :)

    1. Yes Gem! We've met him too :) he's a very humble handsome boy. Very driven and sure to be the first Filipino F1 race car driver to win the world championship. :p