Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bromance in Action!

Yes, bromance is very much alive in our household! A few days ago I was deleting pictures on my cell and I came across these pictures of Miguel and Jaime being sweet to each other. These pictures made me smile and I realized it's great that they have each other. As a mother I hope for Miguel to always be the Kuya that Jaime can depend on. For Jaime to be the little brother who will standby and always be there for his Kuya too.

I've witnessed so many sibling fall-outs, where squabbles seem to last a lifetime and brothers and sisters fall farther apart because of different issues and misunderstandings.We are continually surrounded by hatred and violence everyday. Nowadays the value of life seem to be underestimated. Because of this I always pray and hope that my sons will grow up knowing the importance of love, kindness and family. That blood will always be thicker than water! For them to know and understand that we will all stick together through the good and bad times. 

My single wish as the mother of these two adorable boys is for them to love each other this way forever! 

Miguel adores his brother! Yes they do fight just like any other kids but it is during these unguarded moments that I can truly sense their love for each other as brothers!

Kuya can be very sweet when he wants to be!


They even share the same tiny pillow!
Miguel fell asleep while they were holding hands :)

Jaime decided to sit beside his sleeping brother! :)
Kuya WAKE UP!! :)

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