Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goodbye Wedge Sneakers!

Do you know the feeling of wanting something so much but then you postpone buying it for so long, you just lose interest?  This is exactly how I feel about WEDGE SNEAKERS! It's been months but I am still fascinated by them and whenever I see pictures of ladies wearing them on the web I still want to get a pair!

I just feel these shoes are so great to look at if they are worn by other ladies but they just seem too much for me. Every time I try on a pair I always end up not buying them. Is it because I'm in my thirties or is it because I rarely wear kicks?  It seems that most of the women wearing these sneakers have super long and slim legs! I'm afraid if I wear them I will look like an elf!

Nonetheless, do checkout the pictures below and see how cool these Wedge Sneakers can be!!

Due to the hidden wedge, these sneakers will make your legs look a little longer and leaner than if you were wearing flat shoes. They look so comfy too!

Super stylish!!

They can make simple outfits look so COOL!

 Can you sense it, the longing and the wanting... GRRRR!! I guess this is one trend I will have to let go... for now! :)

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  1. Same dilema here :) i love how it looks on others,especially on models and stars! But never had the guts to get one for myself. . :)