Thursday, October 3, 2013

My BABY JAIME is now 3 years old! :)

My youngest son JAIME turned THREE last September 24! I am sure every mother would feel as though time flies so fast when it comes to her kids growing up, if only I could freeze time and stop my boys from growing I would! They are now both on such an adorable stage of their childhood and everyday we spend with them is truly a blessing!

To my little“chinito boy” who can melt anyone’s heart with just a smile, we love you! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our household and for being the low maintenance baby that you are! Now that you are bigger, you should know that it drives me crazy every time you throw a tantrum just because I cannot understand what you are saying! 
My LITTLE CHINITO BOY! Jaime Inigo Augusto! :) 

Also my little TANTRUM BOY!! 

What I will remember most abut you as a baby and a toddler would be:

You were such an easy baby to take care of I didn’t feel the need to get a Yaya till you were around 5 months old! That’s when you met your Yaya Nanay Julie! 

Yaya Nanay Julie took very good care of you!
At barely 1 month you were already sleeping through the night, I would just pick you up for your night time feeding and then we would both fall asleep after you nurse.

Everybody's saying that you look just like me! I guess that’s why your PAPA is so jealous because you always just ask for MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!! 
That's me holding the telephone! I was about the same age as my boys! :)

You have quite a heavy hand and you always pick on your brother! Miguel is very patient with you and he really loves you! He would often kiss you and hug you and he would stay with you when you are on “time out” which is quite often these days. You won’t call Miguel “KUYA” even if we ask you to, he is just MIGUEL to you. 

Your favorite reply is always “BAHALA KA!” and “AYAW!” which you know exactly when to use, these past weeks you learned how to say “BUSOG AKO” even if you are really hungry. Other favorite phrases are “I’LL BE BACK, BABA AKO, MAMA CARRY!! and GO LOLO!”

Your favorite toy is the red IPAD, which you’ve dropped countless of times but still miraculously works! Your favorite APP is the BAREFOOT ATLAS and you love going around the globe! Your favorite spots are the EASTER ISLAND STATUES and the EIFFEL TOWER! I hope you will be a great traveler someday! 

You love your IPAD, you would play with it till you fall asleep! :) 

At night before you fall asleep you make it a point that my TWO HANDS and TWO FEET are holding you or are wrapped around you ALWAYS! I love that even up to now if I carry you and rest your head near my chest you still fall asleep just as fast when you were nursing.
Already three and still a baby!! 

I am glad that you got your father’s “neat” and “organized” ways, because you know how to pack your toys away. I’ve seen you pickup scraps on the floor and put them in the trash, I’ve seen you pickup the pillows and then fix and put them back on the bed. As well as put the dirty dishes on the sink! Before you turned 3 you can already eat and drink alone and even get and choose your own snack from the fridge! 

Just like me you have a sweet tooth!!

Jaime with his big bowl of gummy bears! 

 You are a“people person” before you fall asleep you make it a point to mention everybody in our household and ask what they are doing. You even know our “manong courier” by name! You greet everyone you meet and say BYE BYE to everyone when you leave.
Taken at around 1am, you didn't want to sleep!! :) 

When you were a baby you had the chubbiest cheeks and chubbiest legs I’ve ever seen! You have very long fingers and the sharpest nails too! When you shriek I feel you can shatter our glass windows. But when you turn on your “sweet mode” you can definitely charm your way into anything! 

I love those chubby cheeks!! :) 

At two years old you already know most of the animals and their sounds! We have videos to prove this!

You have big teeth! You love to thumb suck and you always laugh every time I try to remove your thumb from your mouth. We love hearing you laugh! At three you still sound like a baby when you laugh! 
Thumb sucking! 

You love being outdoors! 
You love playing outdoors! 

Your first time to play in the rain! 

Just like me you are a very light sleeper. You can wake up at just the slightest sound and then go back to sleep in an instant; just like your father! 

You are such a PICKY DRESSER! You now choose what you want to wear and you throw a tantrum if you don't like what Yaya chose for you. 
My little PORMA boy! 

This is your daily attire!

You call your pajama "BAWA" and you freak out if your shirt doesn't match your pajama! 
To my very sweet and adorable boy who has kept me so busy the past three years, I love you! Your Papa and  I will always be here for you and Miguel! I’m looking forward to see you grow! 

Jaime's 3rd Birthday CAKE! :)

My darling boy!
JAIME!! :)

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