Monday, October 14, 2013

How I care for my 30's SKIN!

    Oddly enough my skin looks better now than when I was in my 20’s! In my 20’s I had late onset of pimples while everyone else had perfect skin. I was an oil slick at the time when matte shine-free skin was the norm. While my friends were done with pimples and troubled skin; I was having skin problems till I was about 26 years old! I've been to all types of dermatologists and facialists I can't remember who truly cleared up my skin. My teen skin was a different story, when my friends were all getting pimples my skin was plump and perfect! So you can say even my skin is a late bloomer!

     I feel in my 30’s I know now and have a better idea of what works for me and my skin type. First I have to let you know that I don’t have perfect skin, I have large pores and still at 36 I continue to have occasional acne! Which all the more makes me a great “guinea pig” for all kinds of facial products. I try my best to care for my skin but I also try to streamline my daily routine to keep things simple and easy to follow.

      Let me share with you my tips, tricks and favorite products when it comes to caring for my COMBINATION and TEMPERAMENTAL skin:

       FIRST I cleanse  My favorite nigh time cleanser is the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Oil; at first it didn't make sense to me to clean an already oily face with oil, but it works so well I was hooked! It removes makeup and dirt so well you won't need to buy any other makeup remover for your eyes. MY favorite is the purple one. Whiteefficient clear brightening gentle cleansing oil as it clarifies, brightens and evens out my skin tone.

During the day I wash my face with Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming cleanser. Its light, refreshing and doesn't dry out my skin. 

NIGHT TIME CLEANSERS: Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing oil. The purple one works best for me! The green one is also good because of its anti-aging properties!  

DAYTIME CLEANSER: This works so well even my husband loves it! He uses it as a shaving cream!
SECOND I tone –  I use Dickinson's  All natural Witch Hazel which is gentle yet very tough on dirt and excess oil! I don't use toner everyday though, I just use this everytime I feel my oil glands are on hyper mode and whenever I feel a pimple is about to come out. It helps dry up existing pimples too! Some swear it works great as a pore minimizer too!

I transfer the contents into a spray bottle and spritz my face with Witch Hazel toner, and then wipe it all off with a square type cotton sheet. It freshens up my skin in an instant! 
I EXFOLIATE two to three times a week! My tried and tested exfoliating products are: St. Ives Apricot Scrub, CURE Natural Aqua Gel and an all natural KONJAC sponge. I use these alternately as they all work so well for me. I cannot choose just one!

MY exfoliating team!! They all work so well I use them alternately!  

I HYDRATE and MOISTURIZE! For days when I know I won't be out in the sun I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. A new favorite is Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. It does all that it claims, it makes my skin look dewy and fresh it even brightens my eyes! It seems to help even out my skin tone and it doesn't feel too heavy on my face. It also comes with SPF30!

MY current moisturizers and favorite Sun Cream with SPF 45 and ACAIBerry!

During the DAY I make sure I use FACIAL SUN BLOCK no less than SPF 30 after I apply my moisturizer. My tried and tested favorite sunblocks are SHU UEMURA UV Armor and KIEHL's Ultra-light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA +++. I've tried both and they are light and non irritating but a bit expensive. I am also currently using and loving Faceshop's NATURAL SUN and it also works well for me.  
Old favorites that really worked well for me too!! 
AT NIGHT I try to PREVENT future skin problems and aging by using: - Face Oils like Kiehl's MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE and Argan Oil from Omnia BOTANICA. I love all natural face oils because when I use them it doesn't feel as though I am slathering chemicals on my face. I use these alternately with Prescriptives Super Line Preventor and Dream Skin Snail Serum.
I love face oils because they are all-natural, effective and each bottle last so long, just a few drops a day and you are all covered!
I use these two products to prevent wrinkles and other skin problems! So far so good!

I also use eye cream every night! It helps moisturize my eye area,  prevent puffiness, dark circles and more wrinkles from appearing!
FAVORITE eye creams: Celeteque Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener, Estee Lauder Resilience Lift and Time Zone Anti Line and Wrinkle Eye Creme both of which I refill from Mom's stash hehe, and my all time favorite Burt's Bees Radiance EYE CREAM with Royal Jelly
I pamper and treat- Facial masks are great in helping the skin restore its balance as well as hydrate and nourish it from within. My two favorite "treats" for my skin are: Christian Dior's HYDRA LIFE Rehydrating Mask, this one I just borrow from my mom since it is a bit pricey and I just use it once a week. It really revives and hydrate tired skin and make it appear plump and supple.
   I've also tried using Kiehl's Over Night Biological Peel, this is magic in a bottle! You leave it on over night and when you wake up you just rinse it off. I have noticed a marked improvement in the texture of my skin and my skin is tighter and firmer every time I use this. I've recently finished my bottle and I am due to buy my next one, again it is a bit pricey but it will last around 4 months! 
SKIN TREATS! Christian Dior's HYDRA LIFE Rehydrating Mask and Kiehl's Over Night Biological Peel work amazingly well I plan to use them well into my fifties! :)

  I use preventive measures and products because as we grow older I believe our skin needs more help. Serums, eye creams and skin vitamins will help slowdown the signs of aging.

Don't forget your lips! I make an effort to slather on  moisturizing lip gloss after my skin care routine to make sure I don't neglect my lips! 

Maybelline BABY LIPS and EOS all natural lip gloss are my go to basic lip moisturizers! Works well all year round!
   Sometimes I visit my dermatologist but I don’t get regular facials yet, I think that’s something I want to do in my 40’s I’d also like to look into “hardcore” beauty products in my 40’s such as La Mer and Christian Dior which works wonderfully for my mom and aunts!

   It may sound cheesy but I truly believe in nourishing skin from within! So I eat up on my vegetables and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I rarely drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. I even avoid second hand smoke! I also use sunscreen every day, with SPF not lower than SPF30 and I avoid unnecessary sun exposure.

   When you see me please don’t expect perfect skin!! I’m not saying I have wonderful- great skin, but I try my best! I have huge pores that I know will never shrink even if I use all types of pore minimizers. I can also sense that the wrinkles are coming very soon; nonetheless I am ready!  In the end I think it still boils down to genetics and how you cared for your skin and body the past years. Knowing what work and does not work for you really helps too.

I'm not sure if I will reap the benefits of all these products, so do check back after ten years and I will let you know :) 
That's the 36-year-old me with Veegee! This "no filter" picture was taken a month ago,  I only put on moisturizer, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara! :)


  1. hello, where do you buy EOS lipbalms? are tese available at watsons? thansk!

    1. Hello! I got some of my EOS lip balm from Sasa in Hong Kong,but most I got from an online store here in Manila :) they are reliable and they sell so many other hard to find items do check them out :) Thanks!!

  2. And are these Products safe for breastfeeding moms? Also, where do you buy the Aveeno lotion and cleanser? Thank you!.. Btw, I love reading your blog.. very helpful.. :)

  3. Hello again! :) I think most of the products are safe for nursing moms, but the Dior mask and the Biological Peel from Kiehl's I think best to avoid till after you are done with Breastfeeding just to err on the safe side. :) The Aveeno items I got from a local distributor of Aveeno her name is Evelyne her contact number is 0922-814-7221 :) She sells all types of Aveeno products and her price is the best compared to other sellers. :) Thanks for reading my blog I'm happy I am able to help fellow moms out there! :)

  4. Hi where can I find these 2? CURE Natural Aqua Gel and an all natural KONJAC sponge. thanks

    1. Hello! The CURE Natural Aqua Gel I got from Beauty Bar and the KONJAC sponge I got from SASA in Hong Kong but they have the same types/kind in the Landmark Beauty section and Watsons. :)