Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Veggie Burger and Milktea in QC!

There are times you just want to eat good food, it doesn't always have to be served in fancy dishes, stunning set-ups and venues. My husband and I are quite easy to please when it comes to food, we are open to finding quaint places where good food is often served at affordable prices.

The TINY TOTS workshop is located at the heart of Quezon City very near City Hall, that is why most of the time we find ourselves looking for food just a few streets away. That's when we discovered MAGINHAWA Street and all the restaurants there that serve wonderful and different kinds of food at reasonable prices!

For the best Veggie or Chicken patty burgers the best place to visit is GOOD BURGERS at Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City (02) 435-4663. They serve the best vegetarian burger I've ever tried! You won't even feel you are eating a veggie burger! None of those bland, cardboard tasting stuff I've tried at other vegetarian restos. If you are not into veggie burgers you can always choose their chicken patty burger which is also very tasty! Since I am not a certified foodie I will just post pictures below so you can see for yourself. 

Simple and very tasty! Our all time favorites are: Margherita Burger, 3- CHEESE and BACON MOZZA MELT!! All juicy and perfect till the last bite!!

Their "small sign" look closely cause you might miss GOOD BURGERS along Maginhawa Street. They are beside a MILK TEA place, a Mexican joint and a SHAWARMA place. 
THEIR MENU :) You can choose between the sizes, good ( small patty) , better ( 1.5 patties ) and BEST ( 2 patties! ).
We obviously love it here! 

That's Veegee and me dining "AL fresco" at GOOD BURGERS!! :) 

Expect long lines during peak hours and a waiting time of around 15 minutes for them to cook and make your burger.
A very simple place, but still people tend to gravitate towards it because of their yummy burgers!
If you are looking for fancy burgers with great presentation this is not the place to go, their presentation is very simple, they don't even have their own packaging. We come here for the freshly cooked yummy burgers and not the ambiance, yet we leave very satisfied each and every time we visit GOOD BURGERS! 

For the best MILK TEA in QC of course there are the mainstream brands like GONG CHA, CHATIME, DAKASI and Happy Lemon which are all good but I would like to share with you some of the other MILK TEA Cafes we visit which are also wonderful and they also serve some of the best milk tea concoctions I've tried so far!  

SIMPLE LINE also at MAGINHAWA Street serves great tasting MILK TEA and Fruit Juices at the most affordable price, around P70 per order. Their menu is simple, easy to understand and all teas are freshly brewed. My favorite is their Winter Melon or ROYAL Oolong Milk Tea with grass jelly, since I am not into the tapioca pearls which I feel are very hard to digest. 

SIMPLE LINE counter! 

Sweet smelling loose leaf teas are all over the place! :)
The MANY benefits of tea! :)
Another MILK TEA place we often visit is TOPTEA along West Avenue, they have just upgraded their store into a cafe and now they also serve yummy merienda and pica-pica food. Their set-up is simple, cozy and the staff are all nice! They let our kids come inside the stall and watch how they make teas! My favorite drink from their menu is the GREEN TEA with CHEESE MOUSSE!! Yummy!! :)
This is where they make all their teas! :)
My favorite at TOPTEA: GREEN TEA with CHEESE MOUSSE!! :)
Veegee loves OKINAWA milk tea with TAPIOCA pearls! :)
They also serve a great Club House sandwich! :)
With Joanna the owner of TOPTEA, since we go there often we already know everyone hehe! :) 
That's Veegee and my youngest son Jaime, feeling right at home!! :) 

Jaime and me!! It has been a long day!! :)

So if you find yourself hungry,  looking for a place to eat and you are somewhere near these establishments do give them a try. Like us, you might be back for more! :) 

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