Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A call for help in Tacloban City--- from lifestyle.inquirer.net

I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to keep posting OOTD’s, food pics and shallow stuff  in any type of social media.  I think Yolanda changed all of us somehow. The images of destruction and despair,  stories of anguish, hope, and heroism will forever be remembered.
For millions of Filipinos, the world as they knew it ended in the morning of November 8, 2013, and they know that recovery and any sense of normalcy will be a long time coming.
I will admit it here: I’ve never been a believer of Pnoy; I never bought into his “kayo ang boss ko and no wang wang”  philosophy.  I always saw him as someone who is weak, never worked a day in his life, an affluent and vengeful  spoiled brat who is obsessed with statistics and his public image. 
I’ve told my husband countless of times the past weeks; I’m sure he is almost  sick of hearing it. That this COULD be Pnoy’s time to prove his non-believers WRONG . This is his time to shine;  to rise above it all, to show he is the BEST leader. The ONE we have all been waiting for! I am very open, wanting and waiting for his shining moment.  PNOY CAN TURN me INTO a BELIEVER!
Sadly he failed miserably, this  is all based on my personal opinion.  I feel he turned the tragedy yet again into a POLITICAL thing where it’s ROMUALDEZ –MARCOS versus the AQUINO,  PAPOGI of his presidential bid in 2016 and  proving yet again his apparent lack of leadership, capacity and experience. Imagine blaming a WIPED OUT and stricken local government of not doing its job!

I will not go into specifics as we’ve all read political commentaries from all sides regarding these matters.  I read somewhere and I truly agree that never since the time of Marcos has the Filipino nation been divided and polarized when it comes to personal belief, up until now. 
There are a lot of things I cannot comprehend and begin to understand. One of them would be why a lot of the relief  goods are STILL here when people in the hardest hit areas are STILL hungry and suffering  where they are . A girl from my husband’s office was able to send clothes and groceries to her relatives  in one of the farthest barangay in Tacloban THRICE already! She said her relatives only received  relief goods from the government ONCE since November 8.  Yaya’s sister from Ormoc received relief goods only TWICE since the typhoon hit. She said they are no longer waiting for help from the government since it will never come.
I wish my boys will not grow up the way  I did… always hoping, wanting and asking for CHANGE and a BETTER life for each and every Filipino. 
This is our home, this is the only place my husband and I choose to raise our  children. We have no plans of leaving and you will never hear us say there is no hope here.  FILIPINOS are  RESILIENT  we will RISE above whatever life throws us! We’ve heard it a million times; but RESILIENT is still the best word to describe Filipinos everywhere! I truly believe; where we come from everybody is a HERO and now a SURVIVOR! There is HOPE and we will prevail...as FILIPINOS always do.

YOLANDA devastation--- from http://historicphilippines.com

Tacloban City 2 days after Yolanda--- from rappler.com

Yolanda and its wrath! -- from Rappler.com
MASSIVE FLIGHT In this photo by the US Air Force, 675 passengers were transported out of Tacloban City, Leyte on the way to Manila on November 18, 2013 onboard USAF C-17. Tacloban City--- from facebook.com/thefilipinostudent
One student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines did something peculiar – she laid down in the middle of PUP Freedom Plaza in an effort to solicit donations for the storm victims. Beside the lady is a box with the message “WAG KA LANG MANOOD” (Don’t just watch) written on it, possibly referring to people who just watch and take pity on the news but do nothing concrete to help the victims, theorized one witness.--- from http://www.talk.ph

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