Sunday, January 12, 2014


The year is still fresh and we’ve no doubt made plenty of promises to ourselves about what we want to change with our lives. Instead of focusing on life resolutions I decided to mix things up a bit! I  present to you my BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS for 2014! 
Change in life-long habits can be quite difficult but small changes for the sake of our health and beauty are easier to achieve, so here it goes: MY BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS for 2014
1.     To stop buying beauty products I still have! Such as lipstick, lip gloss and BB Creams! I promise not to buy new ones unless I’ve finished all that I have on hand! This will require great will power but I know I can do this!
My BB creams! I love all of them but I need to stop buying new ones, I will finish all of these first! :)
2.     To experiment with makeup more. Finally find the courage to wear that wine colored lipstick or the orange lippie I’ve had for quite awhile. I might as well try new looks now while I still can. Experimenting won't be as cool when  I'm already in my 50's. 

 3.     To moisturize more! I always moisturize my face but I always forget or I’m too lazy to moisturize my body! I feel adding this important step to my daily routine will improve my skin and will help slow down the aging process.

4.     To increase my water intake! WATER is the best and the most effective and affordable beauty secret there is! I will try my best to drink two liters of fresh water every day to flush toxins out of my body and keep my skin looking soft, supple and healthy. 
I've been using my KOR water bottle for more than a year now and I love it! Even IRON MAN loves it!! I just need to bring it along with me more often. :)
5.     Go back to DRY BODY BRUSHING- To Use a body brush for just a few minutes before my morning shower  to shift cellulite, improve blood flow and exfoliate my skin. The sweeping action of the dry brush helps lift impurities and stimulates circulation, which helps speed up the release of unwanted toxins from inside the body.

Choose an all natural detachable DRY BODY BRUSH, this will make your skin glow!!! :)
Always brush the skin when it's dry, as wet skin becomes more sensitive.  Start by working up from the feet, using long, firm strokes - always brushing in the direction of the heart. This worked so well for me a few months back but I eventually got lazy; I plan to include it once more in my daily routine!

6.     Just like everyone else I plan to exercise more! I believe this will require divine intervention! But I really want to do this not just for me but for my kids. I want to spend more healthy years with them! Not doing any form of exercise won't increase my chances of living longer and being a healthier me for my family. I need to do this! 

 7.     To use scents more often. Sometimes I’m always in a hurry I forget to spray perfume on. This is something I want to do for me and not so people can smell me. I’ve noticed that on days when I use any kind of scent I am more relaxed and confident.  

My current top 3 scents!!
8.     To harass my hair and skin less! Sometimes our hair and our skin need to breath too! I will dedicate one day a week to apply nourishing hair conditioner at home and then to not apply anything on my  face so it can heal itself and recover.

9.  To wear my hair down more often and experiment with different daily hairstyles. I usually just tie my hair back in a pony tail, this year I want to make an effort to style my hair more. And as simple as it sounds... to comb my hair more too! Sometimes I get so busy I feel I don’t even find the time to comb my hair!

I should explore more hairstyles!! :)
10.  To finally get enough sleep! At least eight uninterrupted  hours a night would be great! How I will be able to do this; I don’t know. It’s worth a try!

11. To stop scratching my eyes and apply eye cream more often!  Eye scratching equals wrinkles galore! I know this by heart and yet scratching itchy eyes feel so good! I need to stop!!

MY favorite eye creams!
 12. Use and re-purpose leftover beauty products! We all have them, beauty products we’re tired of and never got to finish. I will use them on my neck, tops of hands and décolletage so they won’t go to waste.

13.  To really take care of my teeth and GUMS!  I will religiously floss and visit the dentist even if nothing is wrong with my teeth. This year I want to invest in some cool dental hygiene tools!

I want this!! The latest Philips SONICARE toothbrush! My old one gave up on me years ago. :(
14.   Rediscover, find and always use my perfect MLBB lip shade! “MLBB” stands for “My Lips But Better,” and it refers to lipsticks or glosses that enhance the natural color of your lips. MLBB’s are lip  colors that are actually similar to your lip tone, which will make you look healthier and glowing!
My perfect MLBB shades : swatched from top to bottom: MAC COSMO, SHU UEMURA BG935, and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 9 NUDE in PRIVATE
15.   This year I want to take a hair color risk! I know I mentioned I will stop messing with my hair, but come summer I want to finally go a few shades lighter than my actual hair color! It’s just one of those things I’ve always wanted to try but never found the courage to do so, let this year be THE year I finally try something new!

  From our family to yours, all the best this 2014! Hoping for a more beautiful and healthier us in the year 2014!

My Family!! :)

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