Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Current Favorite "BASIC" Beauty Products!

We all have basic beauty products we can’t live without, these are some of mine. All tried and tested and are truly loved! I make sure I have backup stock in case they are discontinued. Read on and prepare to be hooked too! 

1. DR. WOODS Lavender Castile Soap- Last year I stopped using soap bars for cleansing and bathing because I read somewhere that regular soap bars strip away natural moisture from the skin making it age faster! I looked into liquid soap options and discovered this! I fell in love! 

Dr. Woods Shea Vision Soothing Lavender Castile soap is amazing! Its pH-balanced formula is the perfect combination of essential and vegetable oils, resulting in a nice, vitamin-E-rich lather that won't dry your skin out while you use it! It's gentle, moisturizing and smells great! It can also be used as a shampoo, face wash and as an all around cleanser. AMAZING!!
DR. WOODS LAVENDER CASTILE SOAP- I am on my fourth bottle! The MINT version smells great too! Sold at P295 each at all Healthy Options stores.

2. Vaseline Spray and Go MOISTURIZER- This product is perfect for those who like me are always in a hurry! I use to always skip applying lotion because it took so long to dry and I'm too lazy to rub it all over my body. This product made daily moisturizing a breeze! I'm excited to use it everyday since it's so easy to apply, dries fast and my skin is so soft and moisturized the whole day. It smells amazing too, very much like sweet coconuts!

It really is as easy as spritzing the light weight milky liquid over your body, quickly rub it in and then get dressed. Gone are the days of waiting around for a greasy lotion to sink into the skin! I plan to repurchase forever! :)
Now I no longer dread applying lotion-- I love it!! I got my first bottle from Clark Pure Gold and the rest I got from S&R, sold at P399 each.
3. KIEHL'S Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion exfoliating cream. Exfoliators are my passion I've tried so many and very, very rarely do I come across one that really blows me away. But this one got me hooked and now I know the search is over!

It's an advanced polishing cream with effective gentle exfoliating quality. The skin texture feels significantly smoother and clearer after you use it. It will also help reduce the appearance of facial lines and discolorations.

Squeeze a small amount of the crushed micro shells into the palm of your hand, then using your fingertips apply in circular upward and outward movements to clean wet skin. They recommend that you massage for 30 secs, but no more than two minutes or until you achieve the desired effect. Rinse with cool water and gently pat dry. Avoid the eye area, but this product can also be used on the neck, decollete, elbows, hands and back. I experimented on all these areas and it works amazingly well!

The only drawback is the price! Sold at P2,800++ per tube. A single tube will last around 12-15 months. :) Each and every time I use it my skin feels extremely polished, invigorated, smoother, brighter-- simply put my skin felt great! It’s very important to maintain the natural health of your skin; otherwise, soon enough there will be nothing to peel away. So use it only at most once a week! Don't forget to use sunblock everyday too!
As the name suggests, this treatment is supposed to mimic the dermatological procedure of microdermabrasion, during which upper layers of the skin are being removed by an abrasive material. You’ll be able to see and feel the results immediately!

4. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer- Basic moisturizer at its best! It does everything it claims: moisturize, hydrate, protect the skin from the harsh effect of the sun and even out skin tone! It’s oil free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. I've finished two bottles and it still works! Unlike other moisturizers that seem to stop working after I've used them for a long time. I apply this immediately after I step out of the shower and let it sink before I apply anything else on my face.
I'm a fan of Aveeno products because they really work!
5. Aveeno Clear Complexion BB CREAM- I love BB creams! If you've been reading my blog you'll know I've tried so much! But since I loved the Aveeno plain moisturizer, I gave this a go and once again Aveeno did not disappoint! This will give you a glow that will make you look like you are lit from within! When I apply it I can see very tiny shimmer specks on my hand but I cant seem to detect this when applied on my face. It is not a full coverage BB cream, it provides a silky smooth sheen on the skin making you look radiant!! Definitely a must have for me!
Basic moisturizer with the added benefits of BB cream---- amazing! :) The only drawback is it only comes in one shade fair to light.

6. VOSS STILL Artesian water- I know what you are thinking-- this isn't a beauty product! I discovered this after I read articles about tap water being too harsh on facial skin. I can't use pure artesian water to wash my face that would be such a waste! So what I do is spritz this on my face right after cleansing and then pat dry with a soft towel. It works very much like Evian Facial Mist. It makes my skin soft and tight! 

I think any brand of artesian water will work well, it doesn't have to be this exact brand. I just loved the glass bottle of Voss that's why I tried it out. 
I got this from Healthy Options, I can't remember the exact price-- I think around P200++I just transfer the contents into a trigger sprayer bottle and spritz away!! Make sure you get the STILL not Sparkling type.

7. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor- I'm too lazy and really scared to visit a brow salon so I just maintain my own brows with this amazing tool! I've been using this for years and it simply works and made maintaining my brows so simple. 

In one of my older post I've written that one of the major beauty advice I learned from my mom,  would be not to over pluck my eyebrows-- she made sure my sisters and I never over plucked our eyebrows growing up. She would say think and look at Bella Flores…even in cartoons the bad witch always had the super thin brows while the Princesses had full bushy youthful brows! Read more about it here--- My best kept BEAUTY SECRETS
My favorite eyebrow razor! Available at health and beauty sections of most malls, sold at P150++ 

8. Schick INTUITION Razor- This is the best razor for stubborn hair on the legs! I got an Underarm IPL hair removal treatment done in my 20's and it still is the best beauty investment I've ever made! I tried getting laser treatments done on my legs too but it took so long and I eventually as always got lazy. Since hair on my legs already come in thin and sparse I just use this! I never get nicks and cuts when I use this and the soap around the blade is a brilliant idea! In a few minutes I have smooth and hair free legs without all the hassle!
This works so well I never look at any other razor!!
It comes with built in soap all around the razor-- so clever!! 

That's about it! I hope you discover something you will love too!! Happy Weekend everyone! 

Posting a picture of yesterday's Fridate with my husband :) 
Enjoy your weekend!! :)


  1. I'm not sure how I came across your blog but I really love it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi vic! Where did you get the Aveeno bb cream?