Saturday, January 25, 2014


One typical day in our chaotic household which some of you already know consist of two very active and demanding boys. Miguel was asking me to get his Honda Freed and Nissan Serena toy while Jaime was crying asking for his Toyota Galaxy toy. As I was frantically searching a pile of metal cars, my mom suddenly told me; “who would have thought you’d have two boys!” 

She was totally right.. who would have thought!? When I was single I always imagined I’d have little girls, prim, proper and dolled up little girls! I have two sisters; I never knew how it was to live with boys.  Now, each of my sister has a girl! I think someday I too want to have a daughter! 

I truly believe God has a plan for each and everyone of us and that everything happens for a reason. I’ve always been asked if I want to go for baby number 3. I would always say; “I’m still waiting.” I really truly feel I will have another boy! It’s not that I don’t want another son, in fact I think I shocked an aunt recently when I told her I no longer want to have a daughter. She was quick to ask.. WHY!? I simply said I feel it’s too dangerous out there in the real world to raise a daughter. That I’d die worrying about her and that it would be logistically difficult and challenging for us to raise a daughter. IMAGINE THAT!

Veegee and I adore and love these boys! A third one whether a boy or a girl will surely be a welcome and pleasant surprise! 

Sometimes I’d wonder how different it would be to raise a girl, will a daughter fart as much as Miguel? Would  a daughter be as sweet as my little Jaime and chase after me just so she could kiss my feet, just like he does! Will a daughter pick her nose as much as my two boys does? Will she like Miguel; growl at me when she doesn’t get her way?

I used to want to faint every time I’d see Veegee play a bit rough with the boys, now I find myself wrestling with them and carrying them upside down while they laugh hysterically. Boys seem easier to raise, they require less maintenance, are less fussy and they really truly know how to love their mothers!  

There are times when I think about the joys of raising a daughter and how much I would love her and it overwhelms me. I think two emotional women under the same roof might be too much for my husband to bear. With kids there is this fear of loving them “too” much and being over protective, I don’t know how it would be like for me if I ever have a daughter. 

One more thing that makes me sad about not having a daughter is that once my sons get married, I will always be the mother-in-law!  The boys wives will be number 1 in their life, as it should be!  If  I had a daughter on the other hand, we would only become closer as she gets married and have children.

Nonetheless, everyday I spend with my boys I can see in them compassion, kindness, gentleness, and love. All the same characteristics I want to instill in my future daughter. I now realize these qualities are not bound by gender. These qualities; the ones that God has given me, I will pass on to my sons, and wish these will help them be good men. Strong enough to care for others and everyone around them.

If ever in the end I don’t have a daughter, I can always wish for a granddaughter! 
Watch the videos below and I'm sure tears will fall whether you have a son or a daughter!!


  1. Daughter you say? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Just tell me when ha? :D

  2. You have lovely sons and a very supportive hubby! Lol... My five month old daughter farts louder than her 3 year old kuya.

    1. Hello! Thanks for pointing that out.. I guess farting isn't bound by gender hehe! :)

  3. When I finally accepted that I'll only have 2 boys, that's when I got pregnant with my little girl :) she's 1 & 4mos now and I guess she thinks she's a boy too... hehe :)